Choose Titanium for Your Dive Knife

titanium dive knifeWhen a person is looking for a dive knife to use while scuba diving it is important that the knife be of the highest quality. There are many inferior knives that are on the market that claim to work superbly underwater only to perform weakly when tested. It is important to only trust a knife made of titanium when using it underwater.

Titanium dive knives are rust resistant and are very strong. It is this durability that divers have enjoyed which has made them so popular. Titanium is a very hard metal, and will outlast a steel blade. They are also light weight which is convenient for those divers that are working in the water long hours and may carry a lot of gear. Being able to manipulate a lightweight knife often equates into longer times that can be spent underwater.

It is also important to make sure that the knife’s sheath is of high quality. Many divers have lost high quality titanium knives due to an inferior sheath malfunctioning and dropping their knife to the sea bed. A growing number of divers are also gravitating towards knives that are dual edged. They feel as if it gives them more flexibility for use.

For diving specific vocations, such as underwater salvage, a double edged knife is becoming an asset in clearing away snagged fishing nets from salvage metal more efficiently. This knife is also a great knife it salt water as well as fresh water. Salt water tends to corrode iron and steel, but titanium is affected very little from the sea salt. A growing number of underwater gold miners are also using double edged titanium dive knives to pry rocks off of the sea bed; hoping to reveal unseen riches.

These knives can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. Many of them can be purchased online at various online marketplaces. These online venues allow people to buy high quality dive knives at great prices. Many of these websites have several brands of titanium dive knives available, such as;

- Promate

- Sea Elite

- Blue Tangs

Titanium knives are quickly replacing steel knives as the dive knife of choice for scuba divers worldwide. They will give a diver many years of faithful service, reliability, and durability since it has been crafted to stand the test of time. Titanium dive knives are changing the way that people use dive knives today.

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