The GoPro Hero 3+ Review

go pro hero 3+Go Pro Needs to be Part of Your Life

Life happens and goes by so quickly that sometimes you need time out to catch your breath to figure out what you just saw. People are on the move, getting out and experiencing things, making memories that they want to save and replay. GoPro has come out with a Go Pro Hero 3+ camera that is their best camera to date. This mighty camera has so many awesome advances that if you were considering getting one, now is the time to go buy one and see what the excitement is all about.


Some of the features of the Hero 3+ include;

- 4 times faster Wi-Fi

- Astounding performance in low light

- 20% lighter and smaller than previous models

GoPro thought out the new Hero 3+ and made sure that all the accessories were still compatible which makes this GoPro the most versatile, wearable, mountable camera on the market.

..And More

If you are a gadget junkie, like most of us are these days, you are going to love everything about this GoPro Hero 3+. The camera produces a sharper image, with crisp photos, having severely less distortion with the images. You now have the ability to capture 30 frames per second with the 12MP stills option or up to 10 frames per second when you use the shutter button. The Hero 3+ has also introduced the SuperView with this camera which is a super wide angle shot, giving you the ability to shoot bigger and better than ever before.

Better Connected Equals More Fun

As if everything else has not swayed you, this GoPro Hero has apps available so that you can share what you are doing on almost every social media platform and enjoy the convenience of live previews and easy shot framing. The app allows you full remote control functions to control your camera. A mounted GoPro on your dash will make any trip fun or even things that go on when on your daily commute. Biking, hiking, amusement parks, and boating have never been so fun. With improved batter life and also improved audio, this Hero 3+ is a must have for any activity, trip, or daily life experiences.

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