Gear Review – SOG Tactical Tomahawk

sog tomahawk review

The F01 T-N tactical tomahawk by SOG is an awesome tool, and a ton of fun.  No matter if you use this in a survival situation or you are chucking it at a wood pile out back, you will find this is a great tool that does what it claims and stands up to the harshest tests

This tomahawk was inspired from the its Vietnam grandfather with a lineage that was born in the Iroquois nation of the northeast United States.  If your a novice tomahawk thrower you will be pleased with the construction of this thing, bounce it of tress and logs as many times as you want.

I like to use this as a camping and hiking tool because of its usefulness, light weight, and durability.  I strap this to my pack and use it for fire wood and shelter building, anything I can use it for to save my knife blade.  A tomahawk has more usefulness than a normal camp hatchet and is normally lighter.  This tomahawk is the hawk of choice because of its strength and value.


Overall length of the tomahawk is 15.75 inches

Blade length is 2.75 inches x .26 of an inch thick

It is made of 420 steel and the blade is bolted to a reinforced fiberglass handle

There is a checkered side hammer that works well for pounding and hammering.  I wasn’t up for putting my personal tomahawk through the ringer as much as the guy in this video was.  I doubt you will abuse you tomahawk as much as this guy did.

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27.99 for the SOG Tactical Tomahawk

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