Why are Crampons Necessary?

cramponsCrampons are necessary for mountaineering, steep ice or glacial climbing.

Why are crampons necessary?

If you are trying to travel securely on snow or ice, they will help you to not slip and fall. Crampons can be used when ascending snow slopes, scaling ice covered rocks, ascending and descending snow slopes or even attempting to climb a frozen waterfall.

A majority of today’s ice climbers either wear leather or synthetic leather boots. It seems that semi-rigid construction with horizontal frames are the standard boot, however, crampons have shown to be better fitting and lighter because of the crampon’s manufacturing techniques and more modern design.

What are the right crampons for you? Well, for everyday walking in the winter, there are the super lightweight crampons. With the more traditional and even more technical brands of crampons, you can travel through thick snow or glacier, mountain hiking, climbing frozen waterfalls and other icy rocky mounts. The type of crampon you will need depends on what activity you are doing.

There are three main types of crampons, they are:

• Steel crampons – good for mountaineering, and climbing icy, steep and technical terrain;

• Stainless-steel – resists corrosion and also good for climbing mountains, thick snow and icy glacier;

• Aluminum crampons – lower weight crampon for alpine climbing and ski mountaineering;

3 Affordable Crampon options:

• Backcountry Gear at www.backcountrygear.com

• Sierra Trading Post at http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/347, … r-Men.html

• Ebay: good deals can be found on Ebay if you know what you are looking for.

Find Your Application

These days, climbers have seemed to move from the traditional plastic boots to insulated leather boots. Aluminum crampons save weight because they are lights, however, the durability of these can be decreased.

The majority of crampons being used today are semi-rigid although hinged or rigid crampons are also still on the market.

These semi-rigid crampons have good performance in the harshest of conditions. It also provides great flexibility when doing some winter-walking but is also sufficient for ice climbing and other arduous snow/ice activities.

Easier to adjust than the older more rigid designs, the semi-rigid crampons fit a great number of curved boots. But a asymmetrical center bar can also be added as an accessory for a better fit.

Crampons attach to most boots using different binding types. These types are hybrid, step-in and strap on crampons.

Photo credit: simonov / Foter.com / CC BY-SA


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