All About How to Make a Snare and Other Traps

Making snares and traps is like any other skill.  It must be practiced and practiced in order to be able to use that skill at a moments notice with 100% confidence.  As goes with fire making and shelter building, your ability to secure food should be second nature and it will be if you master how to make traps and snares.  There are few places in the world you can get lost in and not have the opportunity to snare small animals.  The skills it takes to make snares and traps can be practiced in your back yard or while camping.  I am not suggesting you catch and kill animals for practice, but you can practice making a full functioning snare of each type.

When making dead fall traps be extra cautious, the hair trigger of the trap is easy to set off and you could really hurt your hands.  Some dead falls are designed to kill large game in which case the trap could potentially kill you.

When using loop and tension snares, make sure your line is anchored well so you don’t lose your prey.  Depending on the cordage you have available to you will determine how easy it is to anchor your line.  If you need to make cordage from vines or roots, make sure they are secured well and cannot come undone.

Set as many snares as you can in the allotted time you have given yourself.  Remember that time management is an important part of survival but so is eating food.  The more snares you set the better your chances are.  Make good mental notes of where you set your snares.  It can be easy to forget the location of 10 snares or more, so make a trap line that loops away from your camp and back, this will make it easier to keep track instead of just wandering aimlessly around.

Here are some pictures of my favorite snares to practice making.  These types of snares have worked for me and they are simple to construct, remember to practice over and over again until you can make these with your eyes closed.

How to make snares

all about how to make snares

What are your favorite types of snares to make?

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