Survival Attitude


Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right’?  What this quote is trying to teach us is that what we believe will happen has the most impact on what actually happens.

In a survival situation it can be an extreme challenge to convince ourselves to believe that we will make it out alright.  This is because of all the circumstances stacked against us at that time.  It is easy to see all the negatives like lack of water, darkness closing in, poor weather etc.

It takes an immense amount of concentration and strength to hold on to the belief that you will survive and make it out of your situation.

Like exercising, controlling your attitude gets easier with practice.  Those who practice a positive mental attitude in everyday life will have a much easier time controlling their attitude in a wilderness survival situation.

If you do find yourself in a wilderness survival situation there are some things you can do to make the task of maintaining a positive attitude easier.

First off, stop and gather yourself.  When you first realize you are in a survival situation you may get anxiety making it difficult to think.  This is the moment when controlling your mind becomes essential.  Stop, gather your thoughts and make a plan.

Break your projects up into smaller tasks.  Instead of thinking of making a shelter and fire, start by picking a spot, then gather wood, clear you area and start on your shelter.  Before you know it you will have a cozy place to hunker down and a nice pile of wood for the fire you will need.

This will help you from getting overwhelmed and will decrease the chance of panic and anxiety.  It will keep your mind on the task at hand and ensure your mental wellbeing is in check.  A busy mind does not wander.

Here it is important to mention to prioritize your tasks.  Although a busy mind does not wander, it is key to spend your energy on essential tasks only and not work only to keep your mind busy.  Take inventory of what needs to be done.

Here is a list of tasks you should be thinking about, in order of importance although the importance ALWAYS depends on your situation.

-          Find Water

-          Create a shelter

-          Build a fire and gather wood

-          Create a way to signal for help

-          Find a way to get food, hunt, trap or gather

It is your job to prioritize tasks based on your situation.  Knowing all of this in advance will give you confidence.  The more confidence you have, the easier it will be to maintain a positive mental attitude.

The next thing to remember is time management.  While you are surviving in the wilderness make sure you are keeping track of time.  If you spend so much time on your shelter that it becomes dark and you cannot gather fire wood, it could be fatal.  If you need to spend a cold night without fire your mental attitude may fail.

Maintaining a positive attitude and believing you will survive is the most important factor in deciding if you will live or die.  It should be taken seriously and a positive mental attitude should be practiced and developed.  A good way to practice in your everyday life is to overcome daily negatives.  Let’s say you get a flat tire.  Find some positive in it, keep a good mental attitude.  If you break down and fall apart over a flat tire, you will be no match for a wilderness survival situation.

Keep a positive mental attitude and keep alive!

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